January 19, 2014

American Fiction: Dumb Luck

Memphis rockers American Fiction had a dream: getting Eddie Kramer to produce their single Dumb Luck. They contacted him via email and lo and behold: he agreed to do it. He came in, told them to use an acoustic bass in stead of an electric, loose the snare on another section and convinced them that keyboards would be more appropriate than the original guitar part. And when Eddie speaks, you listen.

The result: a gentle song with a Southern rock vibe with just a hint of country. Tailor-made for long drives and a serious contender for heavy rotation on classic rock radio stations looking for new bands to spice up their playlist.

American Fiction:
Chris Johnson: guitar, lead vocals
Landon Moore: guitar, vocals
Zach Logan: drums, vocals
Blake Rhea: bass, vocals
Pat Fusco: keyboards, vocals

Dumb Luck will be released on February 25. The debut EP will be released in the summer.

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