November 07, 2013

White Nose: Had Enough

White Nose is a new Dutch garage rock band founded by Yorick van Norden (ex-The Hype) en Louis Inghels (The La La Lies). At his stage it's hard to tell if this a side-project or a real band, but their energetic debut single Had Enough shows a lot of promise. The band tears through the track in a little over 3 minutes, about the maximum length for a single channeling the classic Sixties format. Slightly distorted vocals a la Roky Erickson.

White Nose:
Yorick van Norden: vocals, guitar
Louis Inghels: lead guitar
Dorien Klooster: bass
Guido Eelshof: drums

Had Enough is a self-released single. Buy it from iTunes or Amazon.

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