October 09, 2013

Bambi: "Reap From The Dying Love" b/w "A Just Nor Fix"

If The Cure and Echo and the Bunyymen had been capable of having children, it would have been Bambi, a quintet from London with a knack for wavering melodies rotating around pulsating bass line. Their new single Reap From The Dying Love b/w A Just Nor Fix drops November 17th.

The A-side with its layered vocals and three-part call-and-response guitar is amazing, especially after realising that this band was founded only seven months ago. The live B-side proofs that they can transfer their in-the-studio musical complexity to the stage. The staff at NME are likely to call them Britain's next big thing and they might be right for once.

James Gonsalves: vocals, guitar
Steve D'Arcy: guitar, vocals
Tyrone Foster: guitar, vocals
Miles Shawyer: bass
Jordan Hockley: drums

Live date:

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