August 30, 2013

The Who: "Tommy" super deluxe boxset

It was only a matter of time before there would be another deluxe edition of Tommy. The Who have raided the vaults for a lavish 4 CD set, featuring the remastered edition of the album, the whole thing in 5.1, a disc with demos and outtakes, and a disc with a live concert tat was recorded at the Capital Theatre, Ottawa, Canada on October the 15th 1969 (three tracks form other shows to fill in the gaps when the reels were switched during the recording).

It this an essential release? Well, not really. Sure, it housed in a slip-case that will look good on the coffee table, and it comes with a book with 1a20,000-word essay by legendary Who fan Richard Barnes. But didn't we have a already a 2003 2CD edition? Unearthing yet anohter batch of demos feels a bit like scraping the barrel. On the other hand: why not include the band's performance of Tommy at the London Coliseum on 14 December 1969 (previously released as a bonus disc with The Who at Kilburn: 1977 DVD) or better yet footage of the show at Woodstock? Are they saving this for 2019, when they will celebrate the album's 50th anniversary?

The set is released on November 11. Vinyl lovers might the fact that the remaster will be available as such, and the same goes for the live concert. A 2CD set version contains the album and the demos disc.


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