June 14, 2013

Jen Chapin: Reckoning

photo: Merri Cyr

Brooklyn singer Jen Chapin is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Wrapping her lyrics in lush soulful jazzy arrangements might lead the unobservant listener believe that all is well in the world. Her new album Reckoning hammers home some serious truths about America. Chapin tackles serious subjects like the need for food banks in the USA (Feed Your Baby), domestic troubles such as roaches and medical bills (It's All Right) and a general sense of fatigue in the album's title track. It's not all dark though - a trip to France resulted in a love song about Paris.

As a musician she mostly follows the rules of the American songbook (chapter: modern day folk), but she also tries her hand at reggae when she sings about sex in Don't Talk. It's an interesting experiment, but it doen't work out that well. Her voice and the accompanying music are just a bit too clean for the genre.

Mastered by Bob Ludwig and produced by Kevin Killen, Reckoning sounds polished, with flawless separation and none of that brickwalled mess that's all the rage since music went portable.

Reckoning is a self-released album. Buy it from CD Baby or Amazon.

  1. It's All Right
  2. Insatiable
  3. Let It Show
  4. Don't Talk
  5. Feed Your Baby
  6. Paris
  7. Go Away
  8. Spare Love (Not Fair)
  9. Reckoning
  10. Don't Rush Me
  11. Gospel

Live dates:
  • 06/14 The Cutting Room, New York, NY Reckoning CD Release
  • 06/15 BACCA Arts Center, Lindenhurst, NY Reckoning CD Release Show for Long Island
  • 06/28 Hanna Winery, Healdsburg, CA Launch of “Homemade Jams: 100 House Concerts Against
  • 06/29 Gengis Cohen, Los Angeles, CA West Coast Reckoning CD Release

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