April 24, 2013

Mike Gordon: The Egg

Mike Gordon has a new live album. The Egg was recorded at The Egg in Albany, NY on December 11, 2011, a venue with rather good acoustics. The album is available a a limited 3CD-set through Dry Goods and digital through LivePhish (MP3 are free).

Mike Gordon: bass, vocals
Scott Murawski: guitar, vocals
Todd Isler: drums
Craig Myers: percussion, n'goni, vocals
Tom Cleary: keyboards, vocals

On December 11, 2011, Mike Gordon and his band performed at The Egg in Albany, NY as part of a quick November/December weekend run of dates. The show quickly became a fan-favorite and was cherry picked for a brand new live release, simply known as “The Egg”. It has been fully remixed from the band’s multitracks and mastered for release and is available as a CD set and a free MP3 download at LivePhish.com.

Mike describes the venue as “so tight sounding that evening that every note was easy to hear, which allows a band to play with more intention and more connection. Ironically, the extra feeling of control made us feel like we could play with more reckless abandon.” The five-piece lineup includes Mike on bass, Scott Murawski on guitar, Craig Myers on percussion, Tom Cleary on keyboards and drummer Todd Isler.

The show features originals from Mike’s catalog, including “Horizon Line”, “Only A Dream”, “Voices”, and “Hap Nappy”. Phish fans will recognize “Sugar Shack” and “Suzy Greenberg”, which included The Dude Of Life on vocals. To round out “The Egg”, three tracks were selected from Mike’s March 26, 2011 show at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT, including an extended version of “Mound”.

The 3-CD set is available as a very limited physical run, with deluxe packaging that includes a custom round tin with three discs tucked away inside a custom Egg cotton stash bag. It is available for pre-order now exclusively at Phish Dry Goods and Mike’s online store. It will not be available in stores. This 3-CD set ships for just $4.50 and will be available on or around April 30th, 2013. Bundles are also available with T-shirts and Hoodies.
Mike Gordon: The Egg Disc 1
  1. Horizon Line
  2. Only A Dream
  3. I’m Deranged >
  4. The Way It Goe
  5. Just A Rose >
  6. Voices
Disc 2
  1. River Niger
  2. Don’t Do It
  3. Horizon Line
  4. Funky Bitch
  5. Sugar Shack
  6. Hand In My Pocket
  7. Dig Further Down
  8. Crumblin’ Bones
Disc 3
  1. Skin It Back >
  2. Hap Nappy
  3. Won’t Get Fooled Again
  4. Suzy Greenberg
    Filler (3/26/2011 Burlington, VT):
  5. Mound
  6. Got Away
  7. Black Tambourine

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