December 22, 2012

Elliot Knapp: Cheap Seats at the Cartesian Theater

Seattle based multi-instrumentalist Elliot Knapp built a left-field progressive avant-folk album and called it Cheap Seats at the Cartesian Theater. He played most of the instruments, with a little outside help form friends on acoustic guitar, piano and percussion. It is a concept album about human mind, but don't take it too seriously. The protagonist appears be trapped in a room controlled by "the machine", but the story itself is full of rough drafts and dead ends.

Knapp's wavering vocals are like Kevin Coyne's and the mellower moments of Captain Beefheart. He is not a par with them, however. The album is grab bag of unifinished musical ideas and "kill your darlings" should have been applied to about half of it.

Elliot Knapp: Cheap Seats at the Cartesian Theater

Cheap Seats at the Cartesian Theater is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. An Unsettling Preposition
  2. Together on a Train
  3. The Knack
  4. Turn South
  5. Chrysalis (In Three Verses)
  6. Adjacent to Not-Really-Anyhow Time
  7. I Digress
  8. Expedient Means to a Narrows
  9. One Tea
  10. A Nice Place
  11. Homunculus Pierces the Shroud
  12. Oh! She's A Woman
  13. A Sobering Realization
  14. Homunculus Confers with the Projectionist
  15. Cheap Seats at the Cartesian Theater
  16. Remember/Forget
  17. Locked-in
  18. Instant Gratification
  19. Follow Me Down
  20. For Complexity's Sake
  21. A House is Not of Loam
  22. In Your Dreams


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