December 21, 2012

Dead Confederate: Peyote People

Athens, GA rockers Dead Confederate have been lying low for quite some time, but a bunch of new material was released today. Peyote People is seven-song EP of all new material, recorded with an extended lineup of friends.

Dead Confederate:
Hardy Morris: vocals, guitar
Brantley Senn: bass
Walker Howle: guitar
John Watkins: keyboards
Jason Scarboro: drums

Dead Confederate: Peyote People

Peyote People is released via Spiderbomb Records / Redeye Distribution. Buy it from the band's website. The download link includes two versions: MP3 and FLAC.

  1. Slave To Slavery
  2. We Married Money
  3. First Fires
  4. Godfather
  5. Second Split
  6. Getaway
  7. Golden Gifts

Their third studio album, In The Marrow, is penciled in for a April 2013 release.

Live dates:
  • 12/27 - Birmingham, AL
  • 12/28 - Atlanta, GA (performing Wrecking Ball)
  • 12/29 - Atlanta, GA (performing Peyote People)


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