October 16, 2012

Mike Dillon: Urn

Mike Dillon is a much in demand vibraphonist/percussionist who thrives when he can improvise. He is a member of a handful of bands, most notably Garage A Trois and The Dead Kenny G's. As a musician's musician albums under his own name are far and between - his new one Urn is his first "solo" record since his 2003 self-titled album.

Dillon has a style of his own - let's call it freaky funk punk jazz. He is all over the map, taking back roads and highways, driving recklessly but always in control. His not so secret weapon is his deadpan delivery that can switch over to screaming without warning.

Sounding not as nasal as Les Claypool (he was a member the bass maestro's Fancy Band, but sharing the same kind of warped sense of humor tracks like Leather On and Saturn Returns will bring a mile to your face. All joking aside, Dillon is a player first and a singer second. He truly shines when he focuses on his vibraphone and challenges his fellow musicians to let rip and jazz things up. Demons has the potential to grow into a monster jam on stage and the same goes for Sunny Is Drunk.

Ding Dong The Party Is Over? Hell no, it just started.

Mike Dillon: vibraphone, percussion, lead vocals
Carly Meyers: trombone, Moog Taurus Pedals
Adam Gertner: drums
Cliff Hines: guitar, bass, keyboards
Mark Southerland: tenor sax, artphones (DVS, Demons, Cedar
Jeff Harshberger: upright bass (Demons)
Peter Leibert: bass (Ding Dong The Party Is Over)

Mike Dillon: Urn

Urn is released thru The Royal Potato Family.

  1. DVS
  2. Leather On
  3. Saturn Returns
  4. Fluorescent Sunburn
  5. Demons
  6. Ding Dong The Party Is Over
  7. River Is Burning
  8. Sunny Is Drunk
  9. Cedar

Live dates:
  • 10/25 Chelsea's, Baton Rouge, LA
  • 10/27 The Blue Nile Balcony Room, New Orleans, LA
  • 11/08 The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA
  • 11/10 Bear Creek Music Festival, Live Oak, FL
  • 11/23 La Grange, Dallas, TX
  • 12/07 The Sunset, Seattle, WA
  • 12/15 The Other Side, Denver, CO
  • 12/21 Webby D's, Fort Smith, AR

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