October 26, 2012

Grace McLean & Them Apples: Make Me Breakfast

Retro soul pop with a jazz twist. The Grace McLean & Them Apples new EP Make Me Breakfast has a eraly fifties feel. Singer Grace McLean commands the spotlight with tons of self-confidence.

Telling it like it is in one song - the protagonist in Samuel is in for some serious trouble and taking the piss out of her crushes ("I'm in love with My Friend's Roommate // I hope that he's not gay // Keep in mind, it wouldn't be the first time // My affections have wandered that way"), this collection of songs will make the cocktail ans Starbucks crowds sit up and take notice. Recommended if you like Obi Best and The Bird and The Bee.

Grace McLean & Them Apples: Make Me Breakfast

Make Me Breakfast is a self-released EP. Get it from her website. Release date: November 1st.

  1. Secret Song
  2. My Friend's Roommate
  3. Samuel
  4. Cabbie Landlord
  5. Haven't You Noticed

Live dates:
  • 12/02 Joe's Pub, New York, NY

» gracemclean.com

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