October 05, 2012

Cherry White: Cherry White

Cherry Drive
photo: Alex de Torres

Soulful blues rock is a tricky genre. It can be downright cheesy if you are not careful, but London quartet Cherry White have successfully evaded all the pitfalls and dead ends. It all began when guitarist Russell Jones and Charlotte Jo Hanbury ran into each other at a blues jam night in London. Sharing Welsh roots and a love for songs like Summertime and Killing Floor, they cut some rough demos and found drummer Felipe Drago and bass player Ralph Beeby to start a band.

Their self-titled EP is a nice mix of what they are about. They go pastoral in The Price, and throw in a bit of Neil Young guitar during the intro of Superman , a mid-tempo rocker that will hold up in big venues. Their big one is Empty City, a love song of sort about decaying metropolises.

They are the house band on Friday night at the Jet Lag Bar in London. Changes are that will treat the crowd to roaring cover of Why Don't You Do Right.

Cherry White:
Ralph Beeby: bass
Felipe Drago: drums
Charlotte Jo Hanbury: vocals
Russell Jones: guitar, vocals

Cherry White: Cherry White

Cherry White is a self-released EP. Buy it from iTunes.

  1. Free to Bounce
  2. Stolen
  3. The Price
  4. Superman
  5. Empty City

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