October 05, 2012

UngdomSkulen: Secrecy

photo: Sebastian Andreasson

Norwegian progressive pop trio UngdomSkulen live up to the expectations. After releasing two singles, Askefast and Facemask, their full-length Secrecy is bursting at the seams with original ideas. Think early King Crimson and Genesis clashing with At The Drive In. Distortion and feedback in one track (Kafka On Ice) and a plenty of echo on the keyboards and hard rock guitar in another (Marilyn).

Kristian Stockhaus, Øyvind Solheim and Frode Kvinge Flatland have created a Rubik's cube that will please and frustrate the listener. You will to go back again and again to figure out what the Hell is going on. Headphones and a notepad recommended.

UngdomSkulen: Secrecy

Secrecy is released on Young Aspiring Professionals

  1. Askefast
  2. Young Hearts
  3. Kafka On Ice
  4. Facemask
  5. Austin Love
  6. Marilyn
  7. Can't Reform Me
  8. Justify My Grudge

» ungdomskulen.com

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