September 14, 2012

Fen: Of Losing Interest

Canadian hard rockers Fen have embraced prog on their new album Of Losing Interest. The heavy stoner riffs are still there, but there is more room for the vocals mashed with the melodic approach of bands like Rush and Jethro Tull. Lead singer Doug Harrison knows how to hold back when it fits the song. The slow Pilot Plant is a showcase for his vocal capabilities.

Of Losing Interest find the band at the crossroads - should they go left for prog rock or right for stoner? As it stands they have the best of both worlds. Long time fans may not like the lighter tone of the album - it's predecessor Trails Out of Gloom was pretty dark. Fen is still underground, but opening up their sound might get them a bigger audience.

Doug Harrison: vocals, guitar
Sam Levin: guitar, vocals
Jeff Caron: bass
Nando Polesel: drums

Fen: Of Losing Interest

Of Losing Interest is released on Ripple Music. Full stream on Bandcamp.

  1. Riddled
  2. Of Losing Interest
  3. Nice For Three Days
  4. A Long Line
  5. The Glove
  6. Drunken Relief
  7. Light Up The End
  8. Pilot Plant
  9. Snake Path

Live dates:
  • 09/21 Kamloops @ The Dirty Jersey (w/ Fine Print)
  • 09/22 Salmon Arm @ Hideaway
  • 09/24 Fruitvale @ The Villager
  • 09/25 Calgary @ Vern's Bar
  • 09/28 Prince George @ Riley's
  • 09/29 Dawson Creek @ Rockwell's

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