July 09, 2010

Fen: Trails Out of Gloom

photo: Irene Irokhina

Vancouver band Fen have been building their progressive rock discography since 1998. After releasing three independent albums, their latest record Trails Out of Gloom is released by Ripple Music.

Recently the drummer and bassist who played live with singer and guitarist Doug Harrison and fellow guitar player Sam Levin have left the band. With a new rhythm section this collection of slow metal songs that tell stories about girls, mountains and royalty will be on the road soon. This isn't a "posthumous" release with above the cut vocals riding on top of the guitar tandem, propelled forward by a rhythm section that is no longer there. It is the start of a new beginning for a band that should be on the radar of any advanced metal aficionado.

Fen: Trails Out of Gloom

Trails Out of Gloom is released on Ripple Music. Release date: July 13th.

  1. Trails Out of Gloom
  2. Through the Night
  3. The World is Young
  4. Miracle
  5. Find That One
  6. A Clearing
  7. Queen of the Mountain
  8. End of the Dream
  9. In Your Arms

» fenmusic.ca
» myspace.com/fenmusicvancouver

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