July 06, 2012

Damn Vandals: Done For Desire

London neo-glam rockers Damn Vandals took their time releasing a full-length. They unleashed a couple of singles and the Beautiful Mind EP and most of those previously tracks have ended up Done For Desire. Thankfully there is plenty of new stuff to cut your teeth on, with the Bowie-esque ca. Hunky Dory opener Revolution / Rehearsal, the rumbling and slightly menacing Kings of Never and the reverb heavy freak-out The Revenge Of Spider Toothy.

In keeping in style with their old school approach there will be a new single before the album hits the shop. Revolution / Rehearsal b/w Sex It Narcissus, a song that mixes the myths of Jesus and that Greek bloke who fell in love with himself.

Damn Vandals:
Jack Kansas: vocals
Frank Pick: guitar
Adam Kilmore Gardens: bass
Chris Christiansen III: drums

Damn Vandals: Done For Desire

Done For Desire is released on Sexy Beast. Release date: July 23rd.

  1. Revolution / Rehearsal
  2. As Seen On TV
  3. Kids Want Guns
  4. King Of Never
  5. Sex It Narcissus
  6. This Amazing
  7. Don't Go Dancing When You're Gone
  8. The Revenge Of Spider Toothy
  9. Trouble With Jesus
  10. Beautiful Mind

Live dates:
  • 08/01 Catch (album release show - free entry), London

» damnvandals.co.uk

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