May 30, 2012

Victor Talking Machine: "Tuscany" b/w "Sarah Laughs"

UK psychedelic noise pop band Victor Talking Machine launch their new single Tuscany b/w Sarah Laughs at the Moustache Bar in London tomorrow. They are supported by Keebo and Mosfets. DJ sets by Comanechi and Fanzine.

Victor Talking Machine: Tuscany b/w Sarah Laughs

Taking cues from Echo and The Bunnymen and early Pink Floyd, the band plays meandering songs with superb vocal harmonies. Taking into account they formed only a couple of months ago, Victor Talking Machine could be considered to be a much needed shot in the arm for the floundering Britpop scene.

Tuscany b/w Sarah Laughs is a self-released single. Buy it from iTunes.

(Tuscany by Victor Talking Machine)

(Sarah Laughs by Victor Talking Machine)


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