May 31, 2012

Secret Colours: EP3

Chicago psychedelic space rockers Secret Colours are into slow songs drenched in echo with a bluesy backbeat. Their new EP3 takes a bow to Love, The Byrds and, of course,The Kinks - they cover their classic taxman putdown song Sunny Afternoon. Mixing West Coast and English pop they cater to the aging hippies and hipsters market in one big swoop.

Lead singer Tommy Evans is so sounding laid-back that he might as well have recorded his vocals while lying down. Margaret Albright adds well placed girlie accents. Stand-out tracks Faust, with an ice dry drum sound and reverb heavy surf guitar and bluesy Tender Pretender with delicate interplay between the twin guitars and keyboards are proof that the sextet can stand on their own in the retro pop scene.

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