May 19, 2012

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: "Clementine" video

Watch the new Neil Young & Crazy Horse video for Clementine, a track from the forthcoming album Americana (June 5th).

From the Liner Notes:

This American folk ballad is believed to be based on “Down By The River Liv’d a Maiden” by H.S. Thompson 1863. However, it is usually credited to Percy Montrose, 1884 or Barker Bradford from about the same period. The Americana arrangement extends the folk process, using many of the original words and a new melody. The song tells the story of either a bereaved lover recalling his lost sweetheart, or a father missing his lost daughter. In both cases the daughter has drowned in an accident. The song is now famous as an American children’s song. The verse about Clementine’s sister has been omitted from most children’s versions. This verse has different meanings depending on whether the point of view of the singer is taken as the lover or the father.


(Thru Neil Young News)

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