April 19, 2012

Jessie Kilguss & Radio Gold: The Sky Road

Jessie Kilguss
photo: Grayson Dantzic

Brooklyn singer Jessie Kilguss teamed up with Radio Gold, a rock trio that gives the songs on her new album The Sky Road a power boost. Lucinda Williams is one her musical heroes an it shows in tracks like 1O Stories High, Riverboat Gamblers and Tennessee, country rock songs that are a far cry from the mellow material on her 2009 album Nocturnal Drifter.

The songs were record at Grouse Lodge in Rosemont, Ireland, when she was on tour on there in 2011, sharing the songwriting with bass player John Kengla . The musical mood of the green isle is apparent in title track The Sky Road and the album's opener Take Me To The Ocean, songs dealing with the quiet of the countryside as opposed to the bustle of the big city.

Kilguss still has the careful phrasing that shows her training as an actress. Fronting a band well versed in rock and country is a slight chance of pace towards the mainstream. Songs like the melancholic Counting Sheep and Die Dog or Eat the Hatchet with its layered vocals have a good chance of being licensed to a TV series, hopefully a half decent one.

Jessie Kilguss: vocals
Jason Loughlin: guitar, vocals
John Kengla: bass, vocals
Rob Heath: drums

Jeesio Kilguss & Radio Gold: The Sky Road

The Sky Road is released album on exotic Bird Recordings. Buy it her website.

  1. Take Me to the Ocean
  2. Counting Sheep
  3. Down the Line
  4. Die Dog or Eat the Hatchet
  5. 10 Stories High
  6. The Sky Road
  7. Gun Shy
  8. Keith and Anita
  9. Riverboat Gamblers
  10. Ringleader
  11. Tennessee
Live date:
  • 04/26 Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY

» jessiekilguss.com

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