March 20, 2012

McCauliffe Brothers Band: It's Likely

The McCauliffe Brothers Band went through quite a lot of drummers over the years. Back in 2007 and 2008 Lehman Best was manning the drum kit, a veteran gospel percussionist with a melodic style that went with the brothers Chris and Mike McCauliffe forays into jazz funk and rock. This particular line-up of the three-piece Chapel Hill, NC based jam band, is preserved on the debut album It's Likely, a digital only release in 2010 before coming out on CD in 2011. Named after the band's stand out track It's Likely, a mid-tempo live favorite that can take on a life on its own, the brothers build the songs upon the 8 hour marathon session where Lehman Best laid down all the drum tracks before relocating to Indiana.

The McCauliffe Brothers style is a bit schizophrenic. They can start s song with a rather obvious mainstream pop groove before taking a sharp turn towards funky back roads, jazzy roundabouts and dusty folk alleys. Brother Mike (bass) aims for the gut during Late Night, with Chris switching between jazz and funk vignettes. They should stay away from love songs. I Can't Hide It and As It Was come dangerously close to another family band - The Alessi Brothers, not a good thing for a serious outfit flying the jam band banner.

Taking into consideration that about half of the album was created without the drummer being present, It's Likely sounds very coherent. Chris McCauliffe's clean-cut vocals are a rarity in the jam band scene, where musical prowess thrives but singing takes a back seat. These guys need is a surprise radio hit and Locked Away, with its catchy chorus, might their ticket for obtaining the attention of the general public.

McCauliffe Brothers Band:
Chris McCauliffe: guitar, vocals
Mike McCauliffe: bass, backing vocals
Lehman Best: drums
Charles Cleaver: keyboards on Easier and Might As Well

McCauliffe Brothers Band: It's Likely

It's Likely is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Easier
  2. Late Night
  3. I Won’t Hide It
  4. Might As Well
  5. Take
  6. As It Was
  7. Locked Away
  8. It’s Likely


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