March 18, 2012

HeavyPink: "Flower and Song" b/w "There Is A Light"

Multi-instumentalist Tony Reed was busy recording an album called HeavyPink with Moss Generator in 2009 when that band went on hiatus. He picked up the pieces for two of the songs and recorded all the instruments and handled the vocals for a limited edition 7" 45 rpm.


More psychedelic than Moss Generator or his current band Stone Axe, Flower & Song and There Is A Light show a softer side of the Port Orchard, WA, musician. His heavy Seventies guitar tone come to the fore near the end of the A-side, while the B-side starts out as close to acoustic pop as he ever likely going to get.

Flower and Song b/w There Is A Light is released thru The Maple Forum. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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