January 15, 2012

John Cale: Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006

John Cale: Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006

Big Beat is releasing John Cale: Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006 on February 27.

as a producer, you've got to be a catalyst, an ally, a co-conspirator. sometimes you need to introduce conflict.' - john cale in his autobiography. film directors have always been lionised by their industry and by fans who made household names of ford, hitchcock and spielberg. record producers, on the other hand, have by-and-large laboured in near-anonymity outside the music business and the most devoted of followers. to help remedy that situation ace have instigated their producers series, focusing on the studio output of jack nitzsche, jerry ragovoy, kim fowley, phil spector, brian wilson, martin hannett and other visionaries who lived to bring the sounds in their heads to the grooves of a record. another master of the art was john cale, whose work as a producer and arranger they spotlight on this 75-minute 20-tracker. far from anonymous as a cutting-edge performer, cale has enjoyed a lower profile in his parallel role as a producer throughout his lengthy career. spanning 40 years, our collection includes everything from the proto-punk of the stooges and modern lovers to left-field pop princesses lio and cristina. compilation and notes by mick patrick and neil dell.


  1. Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
  2. I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges
  3. In Excelsis Deo / Gloria - Patti Smith
  4. Afraid - Nico
  5. Pablo Picasso - The Modern Lovers
  6. Who Is That Saving Me - Harry Toledo & The Rockets
  7. Re-Bop - Marie Et Les Garçons
  8. Disco Clone - Cristina
  9. Italian Sea - Chunky, Novi & Ernie
  10. No King - Ventilator
  11. Sex Master - Squeeze
  12. Take Your Place - Alejandro Escovedo
  13. Kuff Dam - Happy Mondays
  14. Runaway Child (Minors Beware) - The Necessaries
  15. Omnes Gentes Plaudite (The Drinking Song) - Mediaeval Baebes
  16. Needles For Teeth - The Jesus Lizard
  17. Scorch - Goya Dress
  18. Dallas - Lio
  19. Tearing Apart - Siouxsie & The Banshees
  20. Spinning Away - Brian Eno and John Cale

Available for pre-order through Rough Trade and JBC.de.

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