November 25, 2011

Umphrey's McGee: "Booth Love" video, "Live at Summer Camp 2011" DVD

Watch the first ever official Umphrey's McGee video for Booth Love. Apparently the funky track was a good excuse to feature scantily dressed girls on rollerblades doing some sightseeing in the Windy City.

The new Live at Summer Camp 2011 DVD is available for pre-order:

Recorded live at Summer Camp Music Festival in May of 2011, these performances are raw, live and awesome. With the debut of 5 new original songs & a cache of classics, these 2 nights are the stuff of lore. The first DVD the band has released since 2007 is stuffed full. This package contains 2 dual layer DVDS, each containing a full two set show totaling over 5 hours of music plus bonus footage.
Both the video and the audio were captured in real time as it happened – no remixing, editing, 5.1 mixes or other blemish reducing measures. What you saw is what you get.


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