August 25, 2011

Empty Space Orchestra: Dark Matters

Empty Space Orchestra, an instrumental progressive post-rock band from Bend, OR, go for a wall-to-wall sound. They think big, but have managed to retain lots of breathers in their dense compositions - not smacking the listener around the head with a barrage of notes, but leaving spaces between them. They have just released the free Dark Matters EP, two long tracks that explore the back waters of post-rock, or crunk as it is called nowadays.

All band members are classically trained musicians and into jazz. This allows them to take risks - the other ones will always be able to follow.

Empty Space Orchestra:
Lindsey Elias: drums
Keith O'Dell: keyboards, piano
Patrick Pearsall: bass
Shane Thomas: guitar
Graham Jacobs: saxophone, flute, synths

Dark Matters is a self-released EP. Download it from

  1. New Breed of Skank
  2. Sad Panda

Live dates:
  • 09/10 Widmer Brothers Brewing Co, Portland, OR
  • 09/24 Century Center, Bend, OR
  • 10/14 The Badlander, Missoula, MT
  • 10/31 Century Center Ballroom, Bend, OR


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