August 25, 2011

Olga: Whatever You Want (feat. Cody Dickinson)

New Orleans singer Olga teamed up with Cody Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars) for her new album Whatever You Want. They wrote the songs together, and came up with a heartfelt collection to country-tinged slow blues tunes.

Olga has no need to raise her voice to get her message across. There is a lot of pain, loss and heartbreak. Olga went through a divorce and Cody lost his father Jim Dickinson when they were recording the album, which cast a shadow over the project. However, there is also glimmer of hope in songs like the slow honky-tonk It Is What Is singalong and confident album closer Time for Somebody New.

Olga: Whatever You Want

Whatever You Want is released via Redeye Distribution. Download it from iTunes. Or buy a dropcard at one of her shows:

We have printed up dropcards to sell at shows, which contain the site and code info to download all the album art and music etc. and are made out of recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds, so that once you are done with the card you can bury it in your yard and grow flowers.
  1. Whatever You Want
  2. They Want More
  3. Call Me When You Figure It Out
  4. Just Take Your Time
  5. Birds of Sorrow
  6. It Comes and It Goes
  7. Little is Known
  8. Better In Someway
  9. It Is What It Is
  10. Nothing More to Say
  11. Don't Look Back
  12. Time for Somebody New
Live dates:
  • 08/27 Memphis Farmer's Market, Memphis TN, 8-10:30am
  • 09/13 Dos Jefe's, New Orleans, LA
  • 09/22 Cutting Edge Music Conference Showcase at 12 Bar, New Orleans, LA

Video: Olga - Just Take Your Time


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