March 19, 2011

Stone Axe: Stone Axe - 2 Disc Expanded Edition / LP

Port Orchard heavy rock band Stone Axe brings back the Seventies, with long hair, guitar solos and a singer who can scream the house down while keeping in tune. Starting out as a duo multi-instrumentalist Tony Reed (of Moss Generator) and singer Dru Brinkerhoff cut a self-titled album in 2009. It created quite a stir in the stoner rock underground and their energetic intimate live shows with Mykey Haslip on drums and Mike DuPont on bass helped spreading the word.

Although Tony Reed prefers the studio for laying down the tracks, he is well aware of the fact that the live shows are were it's at and the expanded re-release adds eight live bonus tracks and a DVD with two music videos and (mostly grainy) live footage that sounds great. Filmed up close with hand held cameras the viewer can easily spot where Stone Axe. Singer Brinkerhoff wears Stones, MC5, Thin Lizzy and Humble Pie T-shirts.

Stone Axe: Stone Axe - 2 Disc Expanded Edition

The live tracks are a mixed big from their two studio albums, with Chasing Dragons Kings Of Everything and There'd Be days as the stand-out track. Stone Axe looks back for their inspiration, but their musicianship guarantees them a future as a cult band for years to come.

Stone Axe - 2 Disc Expanded Edition and the LP are released on Ripple Music. Release date: April 5.

Stone Axe:
Dru Brinkerhoff: vocals
Tony Reed: guitar
Mykey Haslip: drums
Mike DuPont: bass

  1. Riders of the Night
  2. My Darkest Days
  3. Black Widow
  4. Sky Is Falling
  5. There'd Be Days
  6. The Skylah Rae
  7. Rhinoceros
  8. Diamonds & Fools
  9. Return of the Worm (on the LP: Shine On)
  10. Taking Me Home
    Live bonus tracks (CD only):
  11. Riders of the Night
  12. King of Everything
  13. Ain't Gonna Miss It
  14. There'd Be Days
  15. Taking Me Home
  16. The Skylah Rae
  17. Sky Is Falling
  18. Diamonds & Fools
  1. Riders of the Night (music video)
  2. Chasing Dragons (music video)
  3. Old Soul ("Beat Club" sessions)
  4. On With The Show ("Beat Club" sessions - Charlestown Theater 05/24/10)
  5. Just A Little Bit ("Beat Club" sessions)
  6. When I Came Down ("Beat Club" sessions)
  7. King of Everything (Rocket Records in-store)
  8. Riders of the Night (Hell's Kitchen 6/5/09)
  9. Black Widow (Hell's Kitchen 6/5/09)
  10. Sky Is Falling (Hell's Kitchen 6/5/09)
  11. Interview (KISW 99.9 On Air Guests)
  12. Ain't Gonna Miss It (Winterland 12/31/09)
  13. There'd Be Days (Winterland 12/31/09)
  14. Taking Me Home (Winterland 12/31/09)
  15. Shine On (Oak Street Speakeasy 4/10/09)
  16. Skylah Rae (Stoner Hands Of Doom Festival 9/05/09)
  17. Chasing Dragons (Mt. Tabor Theater)
  18. My Darkest Days (acoustic - Winterland)
  19. There'd Be Days (KZOK 102.5 On Air perfromance)

Live dates:
  • 03/19 The Drift Inn, Bremerton, WA
  • 03/25 Tommy C's, Port Orchard, WA
  • 04/02 The Hub ,Centralia, WA
  • 04/08 The Wheatsheat, Oxford, UK
  • 04/09 The Unicorn, London, UK
  • 04/10 The Earl, Sheffiled, UK
  • 04/11 The Captains Rest, Glasgow, UK
  • 04/12 Asylum 2, Birmingham, UK
  • 04/14 The Vortex, Siegen, Germany
  • 04/15 MTC, Cologne, Germany
  • 04/16 Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • 04/29 The Looney Bin, Belfair, WA
  • 05/07 Manette's Saloon, Bremerton WA
  • 06/04 The Cheyenne Saloon, Las Vegas, N


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