March 14, 2011

Her Vanished Grace: See The Moon

NYC dream pop band Her Vanished Grace have added another chapter to their lengthy discography. See The Moon is their seventh album and it could be mistaken by careless listeners for a Sisters of Mercy side-project, albeit with superior lyrics and passion replacing pathos.

Nance and Charles Nieland share vocal duties, intertwining their guitar parts like a complicated 3D jigsaw puzzle. Her Vanished has a knack for playing big songs in a gentle way. Running up and down the octaves never gets in the way of the melodies, which are subtly changed by an adventurous rhythm section, with bass player Maria Theodosiadou bouncing off the dry drum sound courtesy of Billy Loose. The band themselves describe their sound as a mix Of '80s post punk and '90s shoegaze. But while those genres preceded emo they go back to the early Seventies sci-fi, ending up with a colourful musical palette requiring a pair of decent headphones to appreciate all the depths and textures.

Her Vanished Grace:
Nance Nieland: guitar, vocals
Charles Nieland: guitar, vocals
Maria Theodosiadou: bass
Billy Loose: drums

Her Vanished Grace: See The Moon

See The Moon is a self-released album. Buy it at CD Baby. Download it from iTunes or Bandcamp.

  1. I Know What Time It Is
  2. Passenger
  3. Desire
  4. See The Moon
  5. Beauty Lingers
  6. All That Matters
  7. Sparkling Diamond
  8. Make It Lighter
  9. Dissolve
  10. Fire
  11. Stars Are Made Of Fire Too

Live date:
  • 04/01 Rage Against The Dying Of The Light @ Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY


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