February 20, 2011

Damn Vandals: "This Amazing" b/w "Daddy Smokes a Cigarette"

London quartet Damn Vandals have a new single. This Amazing b/w Daddy Smokes a Cigarette brings back early Seventies glam rock with a hint of Bowie spiced with the "cooler-than-thou" attitude of Roxy Music.

This Amazing is pretty straight forward rock with a nervous guitar a la Television. The superior B-side Daddy Smokes a Cigarette is a mid-tempo rocker that would that could have been written by the New York Dolls or Lou Reed (if he would have got along with his father). It's a safe bet to assume that these guys like guitar players like Chris Spedding and Mick Ronson.

Damn Vandals:
Jack Kansas: vocals
Frank Pick: guitar
Adam Kilmore Gardens: bass
Chris Christiansen III: drums

The single is released on their own label Sexy Beast and available via iTunes. A 7 inch will be released on February 28 and distributed through HMV.

Live dates:
  • 02/23 Hoxton Underbelly, London
  • 03/03 The Enterprise, London
  • 04/05 The Buffalo Bar, London

» damnvandals.co.uk

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