January 26, 2011

Death Kit: "Devadasi" b/w "I Can Make You Love Me"

The Death Kit single "Devadasi" b/w "I Can Make You Love Me" is a family affair. The b-side is a remix by ...music video? and the 7 inch comes with a download card for two bonus tracks: Tracy Shedd covers of I Can Make You Love Me and a Death Kit remix of the Tracy Shedd song Tear It Up. The original version was released on the split single with Wet & Reckless, the other band that Death Kit members Jessica Galt (during live shows playing bass) and Whitney Blank are part of.

Mid-tempo post-rock disco wil have to do as to describe this package. Keyboards and tinkering in the studio resulted in a glossy feel, that is featured most prominently in Devadasi (Hindu for "a woman who serves god"). The female as an unsolvable enigma is a subject to continues to inspire an Death Kit has come up with a bass line for this song that is solid and highly danceable. The ...music video? remix of their I Can Make You Love Me track was obviously inspired by this. As for the bonus tracks, Tracy Shedd's acousitc interpretation of Can Make You Love Me couple with Summer of Love vocals work quite well. The weak spot is the final track. Tear It Up is nearly suffocated by all the new layers and tons of echo that have been added to the original.

Death Kit: Devadasi b/w I Can Make You Love Me

"Devadasi" b/w "I Can Make You Love Me" is released by Fort Lowell Records on 7 inch cream vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Comes with a digital download card. MP3s are mastered for digital playback. Vinyl challenged? Look for it at the usual digital outlets. Release date: February 22.

  1. Devadasi
  2. I Can Make You Love Me (...music video? remix)
    Digital only bonus tracks:
  3. I Can Make You Love Me (Tracy Shedd)
  4. Tear It Up (Tracy Shedd - Death Kit remix)

Live date:
  • 02/07 Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles, CA
    (w/ Robotanists, Twilight Sleep)

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