June 16, 2010

...music video?: "I'm Afraid Of Everything" b/w "feelgooddesperation"

Songwriter/keyboardist Paul Jenkins, producer Wes McCanse and multi-instrumentalist J. Lugo Miller are ...music video?, an trio based in Tucson, AZ. They are knee deep in electronics which are used to create lush harmonies embedded in slow grooves that go well Jenkins' dreamy vocals. They have released two albums and their new single I'm Afraid Of Everything b/w feelgooddesperation is a post-rock meets melodic shoegaze musings two-some.

I'm Afraid Of Everything slowly pulls in the listener by building chords and harmonics into an elegant tour along the everyday horrors that surround the song's unwilling hero. Flip-side feelgooddesperation is a mash-up of sorts. Their own song postrockfeelgoodsongofthemillenium, an instrumental, is mixed with the words of Desperation, a song by fellow Tucson band Musica Obscura.

...music video?: I'm Afraid Of Everything b/w feelgooddesperation

With this single ...music video? shows that quiet desperation is the Tucson way nowadays.

"I'm Afraid Of Everything" b/w "feelgooddesperation" is released by Fort Lowell Records on 7 inch clear vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Comes with a digital download card. MP3s are mastered for digital playback. Release date: July 13. Vinyl challenged? Look for it at the usual digital outlets.

Live date:
  • 06/19 Plush, Tucson, AZ

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