December 31, 2010

The Heavy Pets: free album "Live @ Nectar's Burlington VT 2010/12/04"

The Heavy Pets
photo: Peter Wochniak

The Heavy Pets have teamed up with the legendary Charlie Miller to take care of their soundboard recordings. They are offering a free download of their 2010/12/04 show @ at Nectar's, Burlington, VT. Their self-titled studio album was pretty straight forward. These guys need to be on stage to cut loose with a prog rock jazzy vibe.

  1. How Would I
  2. Sigismondi
  3. Chew
  4. 3 AM
  5. Tortugas
  6. Slow Down
  7. Kavorka
  8. Dew Point
  9. John Galt
  10. Holy Holy
  11. No More Time
  12. So Thank You Music
  13. E: Waiting
  14. Girl You Make Me Stupid
  15. Pass It Down

MP3: The Heavy Pets - Sigismondi


HCTF review of The Heavy Pets.

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