November 18, 2010

Warren Haynes: the Hidden Track interview

Hidden Track has a lengthy interview with Warren Haynes about the Another One For Woody concert, a well deserved rest for Govt´Mule and his stack of unreleased songs:

I’m always writing to a certain extent. It’s always harder to write on the road than it is when you’re home. I make myself write on the road, but also consequently, when I get home, even if it’s for a week, I start writing more than I did. But I’ve compiled so many songs throughout the years, most of which nobody’s ever heard, and I just keep adding to that list. I think what we’re going to see at some point is me doing a lot of projects back to back. With today’s music business, you don’t have to think so much about what a traditional record company model would be and how much distance they’d need to put between this project and that project. So I’d look to putting out a bunch of stuff back to back.

» Hidden Track

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