November 05, 2010

John Francis: The Better Angels

John Francis has all the trappings of becoming big in the Americana scene. He has the tunes, the voice, the lyrics and he sings about politics and heartbreak. His sophomore release The Better Angels deals with the credit crunch, late night radio. As a musician's musician he was able to enlist notable players to back him up, including Robby Turner (Dixie Chicks) and original Wilco and Uncle Tupelo drummer Ken Coomer.

Francis is a sharp observer, who can write about big things (The Way the Empire Fell, War Register Blues ) and everyday troubles (Love O Love, Until My Train). He can get mad, but he always channels his anger through pinpointed words. A few people might even decide they should finally get into Johnny Cash after hearing his rollicking pastiche Johnny Cash on the Radio.

The players:
Kenny Vaughan: lead guitarist
Ken Coomer: drums
Robby Turner: pedal steel
Rachael Yamagata: vocals
Michael Rhodes: bass
Todd Erk: bass

John Francis: The Better Angels

The Better Angels is distributed through Dualtone Records. Release date: November 9.

  1. The Way the Empire Fell
  2. Johnny Cash on the Radio
  3. Who?
  4. People On the Edge of the World
  5. The Beautiful One
  6. Prayer In A Time of Drought
  7. Call Me When Youre Ready
  8. War Register Blues
  9. Love Came To Me Dressed In Red
  10. Mississippi
  11. Everything Is Falling Away
  12. Brother's Keeper
  13. Love O Love, Until My Train

USA live dates:
  • 11/12 The Basement, Nashville, TN
  • 11/29 Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TN
  • 12/02 The Living Room, New York City, NY
  • 12/03 Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA
Swiss live dates:
  • 12/10 Blues Eck, Schlatt
  • 12/11 Loft, Frauenfeld
  • 12/12 Open Mic Biel, Biel
  • 12/16 Molton, Winterthur
  • 12/17 Songbird Festival, Davos
  • 12/20 Corazon, Zurich
  • 12/23 Papiersaal, Zurich


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