November 05, 2010

HAM1: Let's Go On and On and On with HAM1

Try to describe the sound of HAM1 and the name dropping begins. Think Johnny Dowd fronting the 13th Floor Elevators, with The Beatles ca 1966 and Velvets (in their White Light/White heat phase) references. In other words: howling feedback, surprisingly melodic, off beat, quirky and laid-back wrapped as a present that might go "boom" in your face. The band are at hand with some band aids to patch you up and say they are truly sorry.

Let's Go On and On and On with HAM1 is the brain child of Athens, GA, songwriter Jim Willingham, who is beyond left-fleld. He might as be playing in a different ball park. A highly original album that takes "idiosyncratic" to the next level. Psychedelic air candy that gets stuck in your brain for hours on end.

Jim Willingham: guitars, vocals, misc.
Eric Harris: drums, percussion, organ, guitorgan, piano, misc.
Jacob Morris: keys, cello, bass, guitar, vocals
Jeff Fox: bass, guitar, vocals, slide bass
Charlie Estes: trumpet, muted horn
Additional musicians:
John Fernades: violins, vox
Heather Mcintosh: cello
Robbie Cucciaro: euphanium
Jason Robira: percussion, claps

HAM1: Let's Go On and On and On with HAM1

Let's Go On and On and On with Ham1 is released on Orange Twin Records.

  1. Cavern in a Square
  2. It's Only a Dream Unto Itself
  3. Franklin
  4. Ghost Loop
  5. Thinking Ahead of Myself
  6. Two Feathers
  7. Lumbee
  8. Low Expectations
  9. Ironing Board
  10. Chief Broom
  11. Flawed
  12. Escape Hatch
  13. Let's Go On and On and On


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