November 30, 2010

Joe Bonamassa: Live From The Royal Albert Hall

Joe Bonammassa fullfilled a childhood fantasy when he performed at London's Royal Albert Hall on May 4th, 2009. And it became even better when he was joined on stage by Eric Clapton for Further on up the Road (after which he enthuses: "that was the coolest thing I have ever done"). Bonamassa is one of the most respected modern day blues guitarist right now, with a smooth tone that can get rough when he feels it appropriate. Live From Royal Albert Hall was released on DVD last year and is now available on Bluray and 2CD.

Joe Bonamassa: Live From Royal Albert Hall

Having just released his The Ballad Of John Henry, the attendees of the sold out venue are treated to eight songs from that album, with a memorable rendition of Woke Up Dreaming as the highlight - it's just him with an acoustic guitar.

Bonamassa is at his best when he sheds the sharp suited blues image and gets down an dirty during Just Got Paid and Mountain Time, which might have scared the folks in the expensive seats. It might even have shut them up for a couple of minutes.

Joe Bonamassa: Live From Royal Albert Hall

Joe Bonamassa: guitars, vocals
Bogie Bowles: drums
Anton Fig: drums
Rick Melick: keyboards, backing vocals
Carmine Rojas: bass
Lee Thornburg: saxophone
Mike Feithorn: trombone

Live From The Royal Albert Hall is released on Mascot Records. The Blu-ray edition contains the full show as well an interview filmed on the tour bus and the video for Woke Up Dreaming.

Disc 1:
  1. Django
  2. The Ballad Of John Henry
  3. So It's Like That
  4. Last Kiss
  5. So Many Roads
  6. Stop!
  7. Further On Up The Road
  8. Woke Up Dreaming
  9. High Water Everywhere
  10. Sloe Gin
  11. Lonesome Road Blues
Disc 2:
  1. Happier Times
  2. Your Funeral My Trial
  3. Blues Deluxe
  4. Story Of A Quarryman
  5. The Great Flood
  6. Just Got Paid
  7. Mountain Time
  8. Asking Around For You


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