September 26, 2010

Vincent Minor: Vincent Minor

Vincent Minor
photo: Sarah Morrison

Vincent Minor has a way with words. He already proved that with his 2009 EP Born in the Wrong Era and his full length is finally here. This material has become a bit more morose since then, singing about ending a relationship by spiking the tea with arsenic (Heavy Metal Lover), being So Fucked Up, and a wedding going Armageddon (Dead Air).

Minor has retained his commandment of American Songbook piano, writing instantly recognizable melodies. Two songs from the EP are included - the deceptively upbeat Late Night Show and Friday The Thirteenth, which would have perfectly fitted the Mamas and Papas repertoire. Minor is always in control, carefully selecting his words and notes to create seamless his musical jigsaw puzzles. Recommended if you like Harry Nilsson and Jordan Galland.

Vincent Minor: Vincent Minor

Vincent Minor is released on Social Science Recordings.

  1. The Trap
  2. Late Night Show
  3. Jack And The Waltz
  4. So Fucked Up
  5. Between The Floor, 4 Walls And Ceiling
  6. Dead Air
  7. Friday The Thirteenth
  8. Pin Drop Silence
  9. Drolls
  10. Heavy Metal Lover
  11. Headscape

Live dates:
  • 10/01 Rockit Room, San Francisco, CA
  • 10/17 Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA
  • 10/21 The Parish, Austin, TX
  • 11/05 Berbati's Pan, Portland, OR
  • 11/09 Skylark Cafe & Club, Seattle, WN


HCTF review of Born in the Wrong Era.

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