September 27, 2010

John Cale: interview in the LAist

The LAist has an interview with John Cale about his Paris 1919 show at Royce Hall in Los Angeles. About choosing the musicians to play on the album:

I was told to go out there. I had been picked up by Warner's, and Chris (Thomas, producer) had just arrived, and there was a suggestion that we use Little Feat. And I had no idea how that would work. But then we did a couple of days in the studio and it was obvious that, I saw a lot of care in how this was being played. I’d run into Lowell before, when I did a recording, did a single, “Dixieland In Dixie,” about four months before that. I didn’t know how that would work but Richie Hayward was perfect for the grooves. And Lowell’s playing was just really restrained, and very beautiful.

So it worked out very well. But I didn’t really know who the musicians would be. I was kind of puzzled as to where I was gonna find any, cause I was working at Warner’s in the A&R Department, and ...I think Chris Thomas had spoken to Ted Templeman and Ted suggested that we use Little Feat.

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