September 27, 2010

Neil Young: Le Noise

One of life's certainties: a new Neil Young album each year. Le Noise is a solo record, with Neil playing electric and acoustic guitar like he did on his 2009 tour. The one-man band concept is in most causes a mellow affair, but Le Noise lives up to its name kicking off with a rocker. He has no peers when it comes to hitting a rumbling note and keep it going for awhile. Walk With Me ends with a prolonged coda of feedback (he quotes himself as being "Mr. Soul" shortly before it). Someone's Gonna Rescue You is a 101 for using echo.

Acoustic Neil lovers will get their fill with Love And War and Peaceful Valley Blvd (the album's high point). Angry World finds him accusing the powers that be. Hitchhiker will freak out war on drugs Born Again Christians, for its describing of his experiments with hash and cocaine. Young has always written a memorable song or two for each album that he has released over the years, but Le Noise is one of the rare occasions where everything seems to fit, making it a great album as whole. Le Noise would sound even cooler live with Crazy Horse backing him up, with the Freedom band coming in as a close second choice. Neil being Neil that's unlikely to happen.

Neil Young: Le Noise

Le Noise is released on Reprise Records as a standard CD, vinyl, digital download, and as a deluxe CD/DVD set. The DVD portion, which showcases Young performing each of the album's eight songs, will also be released as a Blu-Ray in November.

  1. Walk With Me
  2. Sign of Love
  3. Someone's Gonna Rescue You
  4. Love And War
  5. Angry World
  6. Hitchhiker
  7. Peaceful Valley Blvd
  8. Rumblin'


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