September 13, 2010

Union Jackals: Universal Screenplay

Carl Mann, Paul Reeves and Stephen Barnes think big. The three members of London based Union Jackals have finished a concept album of sorts called Universal Screenplay, with sci-fi musings, delightful pop and great harmonies. With a batch of songs like that, visualization is a must and they are in the midst of creating videos for all the tracks, inviting anyone with a good idea and technical skills to help out. The clips for Press Reset and I Am The Sun are finished. The band has an in-depth blog about the proceedings on

Projects like this can easily get bogged down in endless hassle and fizzle out about half way there. The music can stand on its own very well. Using well behaved feedback in Press Reset, Eighties gloss production for Racing A Horse and channel switching echo in Analogue Star, it's all there and then some.

Recommended if you like the he kids in a musical candy store approach of Blur's Modern Life Is Rubbish, Todd Rundgren's A Wizard A True Star, The Pixies' Tromp Le Monde and The Clash' London Calling.

Union Jackals: Universal Screenplay

Universal Screenplay is released on Mapped Out Recordings on October 18th. Also available on that date is the Press Reset / I Am The Sun EP, with remixes and edited tracks.

"Universal Screenplay" tracks:
  1. Afterlife
  2. We Are The Human Race
  3. Open Skies
  4. Press Reset
  5. Prologue
  6. I Am The Sun
  7. Racing A Horse
  8. The Red Channels
  9. Spaceship Dream
  10. Interlude (The Result Of A Thousand Burnt Paws & Candles)
  11. Analogue Star
  12. Some God's Changelings
  13. Epilogue
Union Jackals: Universal Screenplay "Press Reset / I Am The Sun EP" tracks:
  1. Press Reset (Edit)
  2. I Am The Sun (Edit)
  3. I Am The Sun (What's His Face Remix)
  4. Under The Sun (Tenth Chapter & Base Mosquito Remix Edit)
  5. I Am The Sun (Jackalista's Jack To Jack Remix)
  6. I Am The Sun (Dustmotes Remix)


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