September 05, 2010

Kate and After: Things To Do

The Swedes may not have invented pop, but they keep it very much alive. Kate and After, a quintet from Gothenburg, have just released their debut 3 track EP Things To Do. with the classic tone of a Hammond B3 the Sixties, arguably the Golden age of pop. come to mind, but the sharp vocals propel the listener straight to the 21st Century. With a versatile bass player in their midst to push things forward Kate and After have a future playing sunny Summer festivals all over Europe.

Kate and After:
Joakim Axelsson: drums
Jonas Karlsson: guitar
Magnus Lindquist: lead vocals
Carl Nelvig: Hammond Organ
Kristoffer Sohtell: bass guitar

Kate and After: Things To Do

Things To Do is released on Four Day Weekend Records. Download it for free from the band's website.

  1. Me, Myself and I
  2. The Pretender
  3. Lost and Found


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