June 04, 2010

Quitzow: Juice Water

photo: Amber Gress

Ecica Quitzow likes to dabble in electronic dance music. She plays violin, cello, bass and drums, but she relied mainly on synthesizers for the creation of Juice Water.

Most disco tinged music has brain dead lyrics, but she took care to come up with words that actually mean something - not that it matters much to her audience who will lap up the catchy beats and quirks, especially when she kicks off the rock steady beat of Whatever or fires up the late Seventies sci-fi vocals of Cherry Blossom,

Quitzow: Juice Water

Juice Water is released on Young Love Records.

  1. Let Out all the Crazy
  2. Cherry Blossom
  3. The Cut
  4. More Keith Richards
  5. Talk to Me
  6. Magic
  7. Money Talks
  8. Race Car
  9. Race Car Part 2
  10. Whatever

» myspace.com/quitzow

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