May 08, 2010

Ben Schlabach: They Grow Up So Fast

Musician Ben Schlabach from Harrisonburg, VA, is the founder of the cassette label Funny/Not Funny Records. So it is now wonder that he used it to release his solo album They Grow Up So Fast - six lo-fi folk songs that are repeated on side B.

Schlabach, who is a member of the DIY Americana band Mild Winter, takes it slow on They Grow Up So Fast, with the pedal steel of Jason Summer emphasizing the melancholy of his songs. He captures the feel travelling on the Virginia Roads and falling in love (College Home).

They Grow Up So Fast is a music geek release that will find its way to the hard core Americana collector and late night radio show programmers.

Ben Schlabach: vocals, guitar
Jason Summer: pedal steel
John Hostetter: drums, bass
Melanie Schlabach: vocals, washboard

Ben Schlabach: They Grow Up So Fast

They Grow Up So Fast is released on Funny/Not Funny Records. Limited run of 100 yellow tapes with cover art. Comes with a download card. For the tape-challenged: plenty of outlets carry the album for your digital servicing.

  1. Sam Noel
  2. Standing in the Rain
  3. Virginia Roads
  4. College Home
  5. My Pretty Bride
  6. Caroline's Eyes
Live date:
  • 05/18 The Blue Nile, Harrisonburg, VA


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