April 09, 2010

Dearly Beloved: Make It Bleed

Dearly Beloved is a Canadian band who are not afraid to sing about an angry young dumb fuck in the very first line of opening track Acceptance Corporation. This is band that doesn't mess around, they go for dark moody rock songs for the all dressed in black "life sucks and so do you" crowd. Well, not really. Composer and band leader Rob Higgins is far too smart to get himself labeled as a teen angst peddling rock dude and his lyrics are authentic and real. Make It Bleed is their US debut album, but they have already released two albums in Canada - You Are The Jaguar (2006) and Repo REPO Repo (2008), which were picked up by the in-the-know geeks who are always looking for a garage rock sound with a punk attitude.

Make It Bleed focuses on the call-and-response vocals of Higgins and singer Niva Chow. Wanna bet they own the complete Pixies catalog? It works pretty good in high energy songs like Candy-Coated and The Ride, but it really fits like a glove for the slow melancholic Unsee, a natural closer for the album. But for some inane reason you have to sit through a remix of Move On that brings bad memories of German Eighties disco.

Dearly Beloved:
Rob Higgins: bass, vocals, organ, percussion
Damon Richardson: guitar, vocals, organ, percussion, drums
Niva Chow: vocals, tambourine
Gavin Maguire: drums

Dearly Beloved: Make It Bleed

Make It Bleed is released in the USA on Rounder Records and on Anthem Records in Canada.

  1. Acceptance Corporation
  2. Move On
  3. The Ride
  4. Candy-Coated
  5. When Slow Is The New Fast
  6. Carnivale (Onze)
  7. Dress It Up
  8. Make It Bleed
  9. Fire Escape
  10. Who Knows?
  11. The Butcher's Dog
  12. Unsee
  13. Move On (Cookie Duster Remix)

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