March 05, 2010

Thrushes: Night Falls

photo: Jamie Onderdonk

Baltimore shoegaze band Thrushes caused quite a stir when the released their debut album Sun Come Undone in 2007. They were a music bloggers overnight sensation.

They took their time coming up with a follow-up. Night Falls has more layers, in fact here are so many of them that the songs have trouble breathing at times. When they hold back a little, as in Tattoo and Night Falls, singer Anna Conner doesn't have too strain her self to make her self heard. They have moved from Jesus and Mary Chain inklings to Sonic Youth density. It would be a good thing if they placed a call to Kim Gordon for a few pointers to balance things properly.

Anna Conner: vocals, guitar
Casey Harvey: guitar, effects, vocals
Matt Davis: drums, chimes, bells
Rachel Tracy: bass

Thrushes: Night Falls

Night Falls is released on Birdnote Records. Release date: March 10th.

  1. Trees
  2. Crystals
  3. Used To You
  4. As Much To Lose
  5. Night Falls
  6. Juggernaut
  7. Skywave
  8. Love Song
  9. Tattoo
  10. Weather Vane
Live date:
  • 03/05 Metro Gallery ("Night Falls" release party), Baltimore, MD


HCTF review of Sun Come Undone.

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