February 01, 2010

Ruder Than You: Creation Sounds

Philly ska band Ruder Than You have been at it for more than twenty years. Their hard work never brought them world fame, but a strong cult following has stayed with them. Their new album Creation Sounds kicks off with the instrumental pRaise HaVoC and comes with a tasty bass riff and jangling guitar that will appeal to Primus fans ending with a horns blast that segues into the ska party anthem Baby Tonight. A bit of jazz is thrown in for the title track Creation Sounds and then it''s the time for the sole breather - the gospel reggae tune Faith.

For the remainder of the album they showcase their musicial prowess with a Siamese twin of high energy songs (Yo Ho Down and Brand New Day), the Specials inspired tune Give the People What They Need a Zappaesque intro for The Witch a.

Ruder Than You:
Doug D: vocals and sax
Freddie 3D: vocals and toasting
Don: bass
Rod: guitar
Chris: trombone
Ace: drums

Ruder Than You: Creation Sounds

Creation Sounds can downloaded for free at Last.FM.

  1. pRaise HaVoC
  2. Baby Tonight
  3. Creation Sounds
  4. Faith
  5. Yo Ho Down
  6. Brand New Day
  7. Give the People What They Need
  8. The Witch

» ruderthanyou.net
» archive.org/details/RuderThanYou

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