February 04, 2010

John Coffey: Vanity

John Coffey
photo: Henk Otte

It's hard to pin down the sound of Dutch quintet John Coffey. They come out swinging with three borderline hardcore songs on their new album Vanity before embarking on Soundgarden alike instrumental ditty called A Final Leap Ahead whcih serves as abridge for a string of three poppy rock songs pushed forward by chugging bass lines and subtle vocal harmonies, especially the exquisite Fingers and Knives.

Hardcore vocals and pop clash for ...Meanwhile, at the Dog Track, a foreboding of the sonic assault of the vocal chords ripping Wreckage and Scars after which the slow march of Walls of Infintiy brings the album to close. "Have you ever created something beautiful? And then shot it to pieces?" is what they offer as an explanation. And it fits for the raw beauty for this collection of songs. After two EPs and the one-off Dead Kennedys cover Holiday in Cambodia John Coffey have turned into a musical melting pot that is hot and steamy.

John Coffey:
Art van Triest: vocals, keyboards
Alfred van Luttikhuizen: guitar, backing vocals
Carsten Brunsveld: drums
Richard van Luttikhuizen: bass, backing vocals
Twan Eikelenboom: guitar

John Coffey: Vanity

Vanity is released on Sally Forth Records. A limited edition of 1000 copies will be released with real bullet holes.

  1. Smashing 90s
  2. Dear Thomas Schell, It was a pleasure meeting you
  3. VANITY (got shot in the eye last night)
  4. A Final Leap Ahead
  5. Stephan's Children
  6. Fingers and Knives
  7. Vehicle
  8. ...Meanwhile, at the Dog Track
  9. Wreckage and Scars
  10. Walls of Infinity
Live dates:
  • 03/0 The Vic Inn (w/ Through Solace), Derby, UK
  • 03/06 The Golden Cross (w/ Through Solace), Coventry, UK
  • 03/13 Vera Downstage - w/RAVENS Groningen, The Netherlands
  • 03/26 Winston - ROARfest w/Noyalty/Bound in Blood Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 04/05 OJC Walhalla - Prilpop Sevenum, The Netherlands
  • 04/30 De Bliksem - Crossover Royale, Den Helder, The Netherlands
  • 06/18 NDRGRND (w/ Ten Page Pilot), Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • 06/19 The Rambler (w/ Ten Page Pilot), Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • 07/10 Saxstock, Frauenhein, Germany
  • 07/16 J-Rock, Kramfors, Sweden
  • 07/29 Freakstock, Borgentreich, Germany

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