October 18, 2009

Peter Hook: How Not To Run A Club

Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order) has written How Not To Run A Club, a book about the legendary Haçienda in Manchester. The Independent has an exclusive extract. He need to get his facts straight, though. Nico died in 1988, so how can this be?

John Cale comes to mind. One of my heroes. His evening at the Haçienda was a fantastic performance, but just 40 people turned up. And most of them talked all the way through the show. Cale played piano and acoustic guitar, and the music was very quiet. All of the chatter drove me insane. Marc Riley from The Fall was as incensed as I was and we walked through the crowd, poking them telling them to shut up. Cale lived in Manchester with Nico for a while in the 1990s. Nico herself played her last gig at the Haçienda, in 1986. At this point she was living in Manchester with the promoter Alan Wise. She was a very grumpy and miserable lady. Hardly surprising, really – she'd gone from Jim Morrison in LA to a bedsit in Prestwich.

» independent.co.uk

The correct date for this show is in fact March 10, 1983.

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