September 09, 2009

Sturgis Nikides: live dates (and a T-shirt)

Sturgis Nikides T-shirt

Guitar player Sturgis Nikides has a few lives date coming up, including a re-enactment, sort of, of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable:

A multi-media performance party and concert featuring covers from the Factory days and more. Charlie and Adam Roth lead the house-band, The Major Toms, and a host of notable downtown performers including Penny Arcade, Annie Golden, Mary Birdsong, John Kelly, Joseph Keckler, Diana Berry, Brenda Bergman, Sturgis Nikides, Mandy Lemons and more in a free-wheeling exploration of songs from one of rocks most iconic eras.
  • 09/15 Re-Exploding Plastic Inevitable: Music From ’The Factory’ Days, Bleecker Street Theater, New York, NY
  • 09/19 Pine Junction, Findley Lake, NY
  • 11/27 The Spoon, Lindenhurst, NY

You might want to attend one of his shows, wearing his first ever T-shirt. Tattoos not included.


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