September 06, 2009

Nirvana:: "Live At Reading" drops 11/03

One of the most bootlegged Nirvana shows will get an official release on November 3. The CD/DVD Live At Reading captures one of the band's most famous shows filmed in 1992 in the UK . Not as good as their 1991 show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam though, which will hopefully get an official release too.

  1. Breed
  2. Drain You
  3. Aneurysm
  4. School
  5. Sliver
  6. In Bloom
  7. Come as You Are
  8. Lithium
  9. About a Girl
  10. tourette's
  11. Polly
  12. Lounge Act
  13. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  14. On a Plain
  15. Negative Creep
  16. Been a Son
  17. All Apologies
  18. Blew
  19. Dumb
  20. Stay Away
  21. Spank Thru
  22. Love Buzz #
  23. The Money Will Roll Right In (Fang cover)
  24. D-7 (Wipers cover)
  25. Territorial Pissings

# The Shocking Blue cover is not on the CD.

Available on CD/DVD, CD-only, and DVD-only. The double-LP version comes out on November 17.

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