September 22, 2009

C-Mon & Kypski: We Are Square

C-Mon & Kypski
photo: Roel Determeijer

Dutch band C-Mon & Kypski rose from the dance music underground with their album Where the Wild Things Are ... in 2006. The wait for new material is over with We Are Square, an album that sounds tighter and more upbeat - and all four members are taking turns handling the vocals. They haven't quite turned into a pop band yet. Samples collector and turntables wizard Simon Akkermans (C-Mon) is still very much at large and drummer Thomas Elbers (Kypski) jumps at every change to show off his chops.

On We Are Square the band nods to jazz, with guests like Benjamin Herman tenar and alto sax, and rising hiphop orchestra leader Kyteman on trumpet. On previous albums the guests wandered around aimlessly, but now they blend in seamlessly. Best track More Is Less moves from MC toasting to Chuck Berry rock guitar, scratching, garage rock, funk, Philly soul and late night jazz - think Zappa with Napoleon Murphy Brock on vocals.

C-Mon & Kypsk want their audience to dance the night away and they prove that cellos can swing (Ghouls 'n Ghosts). Maybe they can convince stand-up comedian and Sinatra freak Hans Teeuwen to join them on stage for an eerie rendition of Be Here Now. Closing track Revenge Of The Piñatas pulls out all the stops, with a Mexican inspired brass section letting rip and a wild clarinet solo by Janfie van Strien.

C-Mon & Kypski:
Daniel Rose: guitars
Jori Collignon: keyboards
Simon Akkermans: samples, producing
Thomas Elbers: drums, scratches

C-Mon & Kypski: We Are Square

We Are Square drops on October 23.

  1. Turn Of The Tides
  2. China
  3. More Is Less
  4. High On A Wire
  5. Travelling Birds
  6. Burning Hot
  7. Ghouls 'n Ghosts
  8. Be Here Now
  9. Bomba
  10. Revenge Of The Piñatas
Dutch live dates:
  • 10/17 De Kelder, Amersfoort
  • 10/31 LVC, Leiden
  • 11/06 Vera, Groningen
  • 11/07 013, Tilburg
  • 11/13 Bibelot, Dordrecht
  • 11/14 Luxor Live, Arnhem
  • 11/21 Bolwerk, Sneek
  • 11/27 Paard van Troje (Arms Around You Festival), Den Haag
  • 11/28 Atak, Enschede
  • 12/04 Mezz, Breda
  • 12/11 Heineken Music Hall (w/ Kyteman’s Hip Hop Orkest), Amsterdam


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